Is Rudicentral a Regstered/License Company?

YES. We are duely legally registered and licenced by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria with Business Registeration Number: 2565481.

Do I have to pay a fee to join Rudicentral?


NO, Rudicentral is entirely free, and you don't have to pay any fee for joining. You will only be promted to subscribe to our Quarterly, Annual and Bi-annual subscription fee to access all our services worldwide. The subscriptions are flexibly accessible base on your personal/business capacities.


Is it necessary to sign up for an account?       


YES. Without an account, you won't be able to connect with the professionals from your field and others won't be able to reach you if you don't have a profile in any field.


What do I need to make an account here?                  


You only have to enter your email for signing up. All the other information we ask of you including your phone number and your resume for setting up your profile are optional and will only be displayed publicly if you allow the options on your profile. We however recommed you posting your real information for business growth and networking. This will be duely reviewed and verified by our legal team. Please check the privacy policies for more information on how your informaiton will be used or displayed.


What are the rules of posting on the Rudicentral blog?


You can post your business, evetns, ideas and innovative skills/market experiences or details. You must refrain from posting rumors about the market trends that can affect others decision-making process.


Why do I need to add my portfolio on my profile?


Rudicentral is a professional and social network for entrepreneurs. We aim to connect aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide with other professionals from the same field. If you add your portfolio to your profile, other people related to your domain will be able to easily find you and connect with you, and you will also get suggestions on networking base on your field.


Are the event invites on the Rudicentral blog authentic?             


All the posts on our blog undergo scrutiny before we make them public. The fake posts are deleted, and the member trying to post unauthentic posts loses their account on Rudicentral.


What do I do if someone is sending me threats in private messages or being abusive to me in the comments?


If anything of that sort happens, you must contact us immediately for further investigation with our ever-ready legal team who will escalate or remove such person/organisation from Rudicentral because there is no place on Rudicentral for abuse or intimidation.


How will Rudicentral help me?         


Through Rudicentral, young and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide will connect with each other, share their experiences, and learn from each other. You will be able to hear from the entrepreneurs who have been in the field for a long time and can provide you with the guidance that you, as a beginner in the field, need to succeed. It also connects you with profesisonals for financial and legal advices in areas of business as well as expansive innovative capacity options availabel for your business.


How is Rudicentral good for Nigeria?        


SME market of Nigeria is constantly evolving and need initiatives like Rudicentral to continue to flourish. A strong SME market will have a positive impact on the economy of Nigeria.